How to Make the Dalgon Cookie From Squid Game
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October 16, 2021
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October 18, 2021

How to Make the Dalgon Cookie From Squid Game

Today you will learn How to Make the Dalgon Cookie From Squid Game. Views of the new series from Netflix – The Squid Game are breaking all records.


A story of people who fail at life for various reasons, but suddenly receive a mysterious invitation to participate in a survival game to win more than 38 million US dollars. The game takes place at an unknown location and the participants are locked up until there is a final winner. The story will incorporate popular children’s games from the 1970s and 1980s of Korea, such as squid game, the literal translation of its Korean name, which is a type of tag where offense and defense use a squid-shaped board drawn in the dirt.

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In one of the competitions, there was an almost impossible task – it was necessary to scratch out a shape from Dalgon Cookie. Not many have coped with this difficult task. Today you will learn how to cook a similar Dalgon Cookie as in the Squid Game tv show.

Time to make dessert

Preparation TimeCooking Time Total Time
5 mins5 mins 10 mins

Ingredients for the Dalgon Cookie From Squid Game

  • 9 tbsp granulated sugar
  • ¼ tsp bicarbonate of soda
  • various cookie cutters


  • Heat sugar over a flame until it begins to caramelize
  • Add baking soda and stir
  • Pour into circles on a baking sheet and flatten
  • Press your shape into the circles using a mould
  • Leave the cookies to harden
  • Try to survive 🙂

How to play the squid game with Dalgona Cookie

In order to play a game similar to the one seen on The Squid Game tv show, you will need a needle and a hard surface like a tin lid to rest your candy on. Players will have to use their needles to separate the designs found in the wafer that has been carved without breaking the design. If you damage the original shape – you lose.

More videos about Dalgona Cockies on TikTok


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