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October 6, 2021
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October 6, 2021

How to Use Thermogenics?

The first rule for thermogenic use is to get your diet, lifestyle, and exercise habits in order before taking them. The second rule is to consult with your physician before taking them. I recommend thermogenic only to people who have already been following
the Hormone Revolution Program carefully and who have been making steady progress for three to six months. It is only after you have hit a plateau after initial progress that thermogenic should be considered. Otherwise, you are not the correct candidate or at the
right point in your weight-loss plan to quality for thermogenic use. If you have not made weight-loss progress and have not become healthy or fit, then thermogenic could have a greater likelihood of adverse effects. Review the precautions above and speak to your physician to determine if you should take thermogenic.

How to choose thermogenic?

Choose your products from a reputable company so that you can be sure they meet the claims on the label. Some supplement companies try to cut costs by using lower-quality extracts. Thermogenics should not be taken every day, but they should be taken in a systematic fashion. You can experience the benefits of thermogenic even if you take them only two days a week. I recommend taking them three to five days a week. After taking thermogenic for too long without taking a break. You also should only be used to get you past a plateau in your workout, and then you can discontinue use. Taking thermogenic over short periods will
help you get the maximum effect from thermogenic with the minimum amount of stress on your body.

When beginning to take thermogenic supplements, whether as individual compounds like green tea extract or forskolin or in a combination formula, always start with a low dose and gradually build it up. If you choose to take a supplement that combines multiple thermogenic in one product, find a product that divides each dosage into at least three capsules. This way, you will be able to start with one-third of the dose suggested on the bottle and slowly work your way up to a full dose if necessary. Some products recommend taking three doses per day, but I find that can be excessive and suggest taking them only twice daily once in the morning and once at noon or in the mid-afternoon. If you exercise in the morning,

When used correctly by generally healthy people, thermogenic that do not contain ephedra can be like rocket fuel for the final few pounds of fat that you are trying to lose. They are especially useful for people whose progress is impeded by fatigue or hunger. If you are already following the diet and exercise plans in this book, taking these supplements may give you a nice boost. You should notice that you are making better and faster progress over timeless fat, more muscle.

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