Implementing The Hormone Revolution Eating Plan
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October 10, 2021
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October 10, 2021

Implementing The Hormone Revolution Eating Plan

The Hormone Revolution Eating Plan, Now that you are familiar with the best food sources of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins and with kinds of food to buy, it is time to put this information to practical use. Specifically, you need to know how to choose and combine these foods to plan and schedule your meals to maximize the fat-burning effect of your hormones. Here are two main categories of meals presented in this article :

  • the Magic Window Meal, which contains starchy carbohydrates or sugars, and can only be eaten right after exercise
  • the Standard Meal, your sources of healthy protein and fats, and high-fiber vegetables, which you should eat several times a day.

If you want to buy sweet beverages, the healthiest are those that are sugar-free and sweetened with the newly approved artificial sweetener sucralose. While sucralose has not been on the market very long, it has many advantages over Nutrasweet and other artificial sweeteners. To begin with, sucralose tastes the closest to real sugar. This isn’t surprising, as sucralose is manufactured by manipulating the sugar molecule so that it has no calories. In addition, sucralose does not have the bitter aftertaste of many other artificial sweeteners and does not give people the headaches and sleep troubles that NutraSweet often does. As mentioned before, fruit juices are generally loaded with sugars and do not have the fiber content of whole fruits. If you are thirsty, it is much more beneficial to your diet to eat fruit – you will be surprised by how quickly your thirst disappears. Most fruits are 80 to 90 percent water and contain valuable fiber, vitamins, and minerals.

You also can make your own beverages by combining an unsweetened powder drink mix, water, and sucralose. Sucralose is now sold at most grocery stores as a powder that can be used in cooking just like sugar. You also can use it to sweeten your coffee.

The Diet and Health food Aisle

Many “health” foods are loaded with starch and sugars, the worst offenders being “diet” shakes and rice cakes. Most diet shakes are made up of little more than sugar, a few vitamins, and a tiny amount of protein, and will not give you the nourishment you need to control your appetite. Rice cakes are highly counterproductive to your diet, as they raise insulin levels more than almost any other kind of food.

While not an ideal food, protein bars make good snacks for people who have very busy schedules or who travel a lot. Stick to the protein bars that have 30 grams of protein, less than 5 grams of sugar, and less than 300 total calories per bar. Other types of food to look for in this section are sources of friendly bacteria and enzymes that help your gut digest and absorb food. Many people overeat simply because their body doesn’t properly absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals in their food and hunger returns quickly. Good sources in this section include tempeh (a fermented soy product), kefir, and natural sauerkraut.

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