Simple Intermittent Fasting Tracker App
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October 6, 2021
Can stress cause you to lose weight?
Can stress cause you to lose weight?
October 6, 2021

Simple Intermittent Fasting Tracker App

Would you like to lose weight quickly and effectively without sports and exhausting diets? Then, an intermittent fasting tracker is what you need!

Intermittent fasting is a style of eating for weight loss. It is based on periodical refuse to eat. There are many plans for intermittent fasting. The most popular method is the 16/8 system – skipping food for 16 hours and 8 hours when you can eat. Eating this way makes your body burn fat efficiently.

The main advantage of fasting is that you don’t have to give up your favorite food, it will be enough to skip breakfast, lunch, or dinner. Emotionally, this is much easier than, for example, fasting days on juices. In addition, there are no restrictions on products, which means that you can afford small weaknesses: desserts, fried food, bread, pastries.

Our app is specifically designed to make your intermittent fasting as comfortable as possible. All you need to do is to fill in your details and choose the fasting plan that suits you best. The rest will be done by our application. It will send you a notification when to start fasting and when to indulge in food. The app will graph your weight loss and calculate your body mass index. Tracking your weight loss progress has never been easier.

A simple and intuitive interface will make the process of your weight loss fun. Our widget will show you all the information you need about the current status right on your iPhone desktop.

Why is intermittent fasting so effective?

A 16-hour refusal to eat optimizes insulin secretion, and this makes the body less sensitive to carbohydrates with a high glycemic index and reduces hunger. In moments of starvation, your body begins to burn fat reserves without being distracted by food processing. Moreover, an empty stomach can “rest”, it boosts immunity. Some nutritionists are sure that this principle of nutrition reduces inflammatory processes in the body, regulates blood sugar levels, and improves mental function.

You need to believe in yourself and move forward.

Everything is achievable!

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