Standard Of Meal
Weight Loss Natural
Weight Loss Natural
October 5, 2021

Standard Of Meal

Standard Of Meal, If needed, you can cook your vegetables in oils high in monounsaturated fat, such as olive or carnola oil. You may include a serving or two of moderate fiber fruits or vegetables with your standard meals as long as you don’t exceed five servings per day. See the Hormonally Charged Recipes section later in this article for specific meal suggestion.

The Diet and Health food Aisle

Many “health” foods are loaded with starch and sugars, the worst offenders being “diet” shakes and rice cakes. Most diet shakes are made up of little more than sugar, a few vitamins, and a tiny amount of protein, and will not give you the nourishment you need to
control your appetite. Rice cakes are highly counterproductive to your diet, as they raise insulin levels more than almost any other kind of food. While not an ideal food, protein bars make good snacks for people who have very busy schedules or who travel a lot. Stick to the protein bars that have 30 grams of protein, less than 5 grams of sugar, and less than 300 total calories per bar. Other type of food to look for in this section are sources of friendly bacteria and enzymes that help your gut digest and absorb food. Many people overeat simply because their body doesn’t properly absorb the necessary vitamins and minerals in their food and hunger returns quickly. Good sources in this section include tempeh (a fermented soy product), kefir, and natural sauerkraut.

The Bakery Section

Most baked goods should be eaten only during the magic window because they are usually loaded with unhealthy sugars, starches, and trans-fatty acids. Exceptions are the baked goods that are truly whole grain, containing ingredients such as whole wheat, rye, or
pumpernickel, with visible whole grains. Many allegedly “whole-grain” products are about as sugar and carbohydrate laden as white bread. Make sure that white flour is not an ingredient on the label and that the only source of flour comes from whole grains. Rye products are a good choice for people with allergies to wheat, and there are even rye crakers available that
relatively low in starch and high in fiber.

The Snack and Sweets Aisle

Most snack foods are loaded with sugar, starches, and unhealthy fats. Anyone serious about the Hormone Revolution program should avoid this section of the grocery store as much as possible. If you are really crazy about some of these foods, allow yourself to eat a few servings once or twice a week, but only as a Magic Window Food. The only exceptions to this rule are sugar-free gelatin snack that have only 10 calories per serving and no carbohydrate or fats. The calories come from gelatin protein, which is beneficial for repairing and rebuilding your joints and cartilage.

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