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October 6, 2021
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October 6, 2021

The Insulin System

is not the only hormone system that has powerful effects on fat burning. Those of you familiar with low-carbohydrate diets are probably
aware of the importance of the hormone insulin on weight loss. Many of the low-carbohydrate diets such as the Zone or the Atkins diet focus almost solely on the role of insulin in fat loss and fat storage. While I agree that proper insulin management is very important for losing fat, I find most low-carbohydrate diets greatly oversimplify the issue.

Insulin levels rise in your body after you eat as it removes the excess sugar from your blood and stores it in your muscle and other cells to be used as energy. Carbohydrates in particular provoke strong insulin responses because they are quickly absorbed into your blood as sugar, rapidly raising your glucose levels. Once your body has stored enough glucose in your muscles and other cells for fuel, insulin works to divert the excess into fat stores. Advocates of low-carb diets are correct in pointing out the eating carbohydrates can result in an increase in insulin that can make you fatter. And because one of insulin’s other main roles is to protect and preserve your fat stores, increased levels also can make fat burning nearly impossible. I agree that insulin’s response to carbohydrates and many other foods can promote fat storage, but only if you eat incorrectly.

The food we eat

The typical American diet is overstimulating our insulin hormonal system. Many of the foods we eat (not just carbohydrates) are almost toxic to our bodies and are driving us toward obesity and, increasingly, diabetes. Processed foods, fast foods, and junk foods are loaded
with unhealthy fats and processed starches often overstimulate our insulin systems, which lead can to diabetes over time. Unhealthy fats, such as the synthetic trans-fatty acids found in most junk foods, also lead to poor insulin function. insulin poisoning from eating too many unhealthy foods has contributed to the 33 percent increase in the obesity rate over the last ten years. The diabetes rate also is steadily increasing. One study forecasts that the overall diabetes rate in the United States will increase by 165 percent over the next fifty years!

If harnessed properly, however, insulin will not store the carbohydrates you eat as fat. The insulin system reacts in different ways at different times of the day to different types of foods. In fact, if eaten at the proper times, the carbohydrates you eat can be stored as sugar in your muscle to help fuel your exercise program. If you attune your diet to regulate your insulin while promoting the appetite suppressing powers of the entire insulin system. I often call the insulin system “the appétit-regulating hormone system” because of its
powerful effects on your appetite.

Excessively high insulin levels result in dangerously low blood sugar. Your body will perceive that it is actually starving, causing it to compensate by triggering an increase in your appetite. Importer eating and exercise timing can cause your appetite to come uncontrollably. The urge to binge eat is frequently caused by poor management of your insulin system, a problem that this program can obliterate

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